UPDATED 2014, Click to this link for update version https://www.facebook.com/kalimunda.gerard

UPDATED 2014, Click to this link for update version https://www.facebook.com/kalimunda.gerard

Documents that are ignored Rwanda Court….. you are free to download

Frivolous Cases since 1997 until now…. is it about the truth based Rwanda Laws or just taking PRIVATE PROPERTIES ?

Evidence that are presented in Rwanda Courts but are often ignored in our frivolous cases with an intent to discredit us and take our properties,

You are free to download those pdf files.


1. Kalimunda Gerard testament written On 25 may 1981.pdf
Our position have always been firm on this issues……Only the person that wrote this documents can be sued, why does the Rwanda court take this case in 2001 instead of 1981?

2. Kalimunda Gerard Legal wife documentation
kalimunda Gearard Inkwano Marriage Certificate Extrait d acte de marrriage.pdf

3. Kalimunda Gerard s divorcee that left 1969 to be with MUVUNYI ARON
icyemezo cy’umugore yagiye 1969. pdf

Publishing Document indicating that Kalimunda Gerard had two wives is deceiving the Public  and The Family of Kalimunda Gerard and Nyirakamana when Evidence are well documented

4. Publication of case 224/79 in Government Gazette on Sept 15 1990 and a Final notice to the case Publication of case 224_79 in Gov gazette on Sept 15 1990_ case final notice. pdf

Our argument has been that…. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW….. appealing or to start a case after 10 years is illegal. In 1990’s Rwanda Law  only allowed 15 days to re start a case on the same issue.
If this happens then everyone in Rwanda should break the Law whenever they feel like at their time of choosing.

5. Writing,  printing and rubber stamping a government seal that Karangwa Denis was represented in a court without a written authorization in Fraud;

A Court of Law is not a personal house but a public one. Karangwa Denis does not live or work in Rwanda, The person who should be sued in Kalimunda Gerard.  Kalimunda Gerard is the one that signed on the Testament after all, its was his will not Karangwa Denis’s will, Please see the above document 1.

more documents to be added soon

Part 2 ” Kalimunda Gerard” vs  Fina/Bacar Bank



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